How to Downgrade Gitlab Server from to A step by step Guide.

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Downgrading the GitLab server version may be necessary for various reasons, such as compatibility issues or the need to revert to a previous stable version. In my case i want to restore Gitlab taken from version 15.9.3 to Gitlab Version 16.0, which is incompatible to restre. So, to come over such situation, need to downgrade Gitlab server verstion. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of downgrading your GitLab server version from to if you are aware about the exact Gitlab server version, you can find from here.

By following these steps carefully, you can easily downgrade Gitlab server and maintain the efficiency and functionality of your GitLab server.

Step 1:

Backup Your Data Before proceeding with any server version changes. This backup will act as a safety net, enabling you to restore your GitLab instance in case of any unforeseen issues during the downgrade process.

Step 2:

Identify the Target Version by finding following command you want to downgrade for the specific version of GitLab server.

gitlab-rake gitlab:env:info
Gitlab Server Version to downgrade

Step 3:

Plan the Downtime Downgrading your GitLab server version might require some downtime. Communicate this downtime to your team and users in advance.

Step 4:

Stop GitLab Services To begin the downgrade process, stop all GitLab services.

#Stop if Running Puma
$sudo gitlab-ctl stop puma
#stop Sidekiq
$sudo gitlab-ctl stop sidekiq
# on Ubuntu: remove the current package
$sudo dpkg -r gitlab-ee

Step 5:

Install the Target downgrade Version. Be sure to follow each step carefully and perform any required configurations or migrations as instructed.

sudo apt install

Step 6:

Restart Gitlab server from the following command. you will see all the services will up without any error message.

Gitlab service start

Step 7:

Test the Downgraded Environment by the following command. Once the downgrade is complete, the all required components will be downgraded as per the standard version available.

gitlab-rake gitlab:env:info

Here, you can see the target downgraded version achieved successfully.

Gitlab Server Version Final

After the downgrade process successful downgrade, reconfigure any integrations or customization specific to your GitLab instance. Additionally, update the documentation and notify your users about any significant changes or known issues associated with the new server version.

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