How to Find Bing Verification Code in Webmaster Tools

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If you want to submit your website to Bing and get more organic traffic from its search engine, you need to verify your site ownership using Bing Webmaster Tools. One of the methods to do this is by adding a verification code to your site’s HTML code. In this blog post, we will show you how to find and use this code to verify your site with Bing. Here are the steps to find and use the verification code.

  1. Go to Bing Webmaster Tools and sign in with your Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free using google, Microsoft or Facebook accounts.

2. Click on “Add a Site” and enter your website URL and click on “Add”. you will get two methods to add your website.

  1. Import from google search console.
  2. Add website manually.

3. You will see a page with different verification methods.

  • DNS Auto Verification. (Your site is registered with Plesk. Verify your site automatically by logging into your Plesk account.)
  • XML file upload.
  • HTML meta tag.
  • Add CNAME record to DNS.

4. Here, we Choose the option “HTML Meta Tag” given from webmaster tools and copy the code that starts with.

5. Go to your website’s HTML code and paste the verification code in the section of your homepage.

  1. If you use Yoast SEO Plugin in WordPress website.
  2. please click the “SEO” >> “General“, and select Webmaster Tools Tab.
  3. then find the verification code in the Bing box.
  4. paste the code that you have copied from HTML Meta Tag.
  5. Save the changes and upload the updated file to your server.

6. Go back to Bing Webmaster Tools and click on “Verify”. If everything is done correctly, you will see a confirmation message that your site is verified.


We hope this blog post helped you learn how to find and use Bing verification code to verify your site with Bing Webmaster Tools. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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