How to link your Android phone to your Windows 11 PC

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Microsoft announced a new feature in Windows 10 released October 2018 as “Your Phone Companion“. The purpose of this App to connect your phone with PC, where users have access the both devices at once location. Later, in Windows 11 Microsoft reintroduced the same app with some additional features with the name of “Phone Link App“. you can use your PC to make and answer phone calls, read and respond to text messages, view photos taken on your phone, and receive notifications. With certain model phones, you can even run Android apps on your PC. Link Android Phone with PC is very simple method to connect.

Prerequisites for Phone Link

Before starting the connectivity process

  • install the “Link to Windows” app on your Android phone. It supports Android 7.0 and higher, but if you have a Samsung phone, it should be installed already.
  • Install “Phone Link” App on your PC running Windows OS. In latest Windows 11 updates this app already installed.

Install Link to Windows app on Android device

link your Android phone to PC- Link to Windows

Once the installation completed, then open Link to Windows app on your Android device.

link your Android phone to PC-

How to Connect Your Android Phone with Windows 11

Once you confirmed the “Link to Windows” app successfully installed on your device, you’re ready to connect it to your Windows 11 PC.

To connect your Android Phone to Windows 11:

  1. Open the Start menu and type phone link.
  2. Select the “phone Link” app to open.
link your Android phone to PC- Open Phone Link App

3. From Start screen click “Android”

4. You will see a new window to get login with you Microsoft account. use Microsoft account like outlook, hotmail etc.

Pair with QR code

5. Next, QR code screen will appear to scan on your PC. From your android device open the screen showing message ” Is the QR code on your PC ready?”. click on Continue button after that device camera will scan QR code appearing on PC.

Grant the app permission to access your information

6. Follow the prompts on your phone to grant the necessary permissions for the app to access your phone’s content. A message will prompt that the devices are paired. Next, grant the app permission to access your contacts, make and manage phone calls, and send and view SMS messages.

7. Once the linking process is successful, your phone should be connected to your PC, and you should be able to access various phone features and content directly from your PC, such as text messages, photos, notifications, and more.

Skip start exploring

The Phone Link app will prompt you if you want to select a task to start exploring. Click Skip to go directly to the main screen.

Finally, we have completed the article step by step how to Link Android phone to Windows 11.Keep in mind that the specifics might differ slightly based on the version of Windows 11 and any updates to the app. Always refer to the official documentation or support resources provided by Microsoft for the most accurate and up-to-date instructions.

Phone Link App Alternative

However, there’s now another option beyond Microsoft’s Phone Link app, one that comes from Intel. Using the Intel Unison app. in the same way of Phone Link App, you can link your Android phone with Windows 11 and view photos, send messages, take phone calls, and transfer files on your PC. Unison is compatible only with Windows 11 only.

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