Use of Computer in Different Fields | Application of Computer in Various Fields

1- Use of Computer in Education

Computer plays a very important role in education. Computer uses some special educational CDs recorded with special programs. These programs have the graphics, sound, and video that help the students to learn. Some Universities provide CDs recorded with Lectures. The students watch these CDs and learn the trend of conducting online examination is getting popular. For example, GMAT, SAT,GRE etc. are conducting online  through the world. Today answers of MCQs (Multiple Choice Question) marked by the computers which minimize the chance of mistakes. It also makes it possible to announce results in time.

Application of Computer in Various Fields-Education

Distance learning is a new learning methodology. Computer plays a key role in this type of learning. Hundreds of institutes are offering distance-learning programs. The students are not requiring to come to institute instead they are provided reading material and they can attend classes via virtual classroom. In a virtual classroom the teacher deliver lecture at its own workplace while the student connect to a computer network, may listen to him at their homes. They may Send questions and answers to each other via e-mail.

2. Use of Computer in Business

Computers now used in business and industry. Computer used to keep track record of huge transaction. They also allow transaction to make from anywhere in the world.

Application of Computer in Various Fields-Business

The main applications of computers in business are:

  • To process customer’s bills.
  • To analyze sales of various products in different location on monthly and yearly basis.
  • To analyze sales of various products in different location on monthly and yearly basis.
  • To calculate and record employ pays.
  • To manage of inventory or stock.
  • To control machines that manufacture products.

3. Use of Computer in Online Banking

The computer has brought a great revolution in banking sector. The customer accounts and their transactions handle by the computers. Many banks have provided the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) to use and to withdraw or transfer cash from account .The bank also provide the credit cards.

Many banks are now introducing online banking. The customers can connect to the bank using internet. They can see the bank account status at home. They can also conduct online transactions from home. It reduces the staff and building of bank. Many customers pay their bills from their bank accounts using this facility.

Application of Computer in Various Fields-Banks

There are many advantages of online banking. These are:

  • Convenience: Computerized online banking sites never close; they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and they can be accessed from computer.
  • Ubiquity: If we are out of the country and a money problem arises, we can draw amount to our online bank.
  • Transaction Speed: The online banks process transaction with very high speed.
  • Efficiency: We can access and manage your bank account from one site.

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 4. Application of Computer in Retail Business

Computers used to create sales report, product cost and profit analysis. It is used to record data of employee payroll, commission and inventory.

The black and white bar code printed on most of the products offered for sale in the supermarket called Universal Product Code (UPC). The code consists of a sequence of lines. The price of the item stored in this code. A special device can read this code. The device known as bar code reader. It reads the price of the item and adds it to bill. The computer generates receipts and the customer pays the bill. The computer also updates the inventory list after preparing bill. The store manager can see the status of inventory to check the items in demand.  

5. Computer Based Simulation

 The word “Simulate” means to copy the behavior of the system with a different, dissimilar system. Computer simulation is a special type of computer model. It creates an artificial model of a system. The model can be used to train the people. It can also be used to get familiar with an environment before entering the environment in the real world. For example simulation of airplane is used for the training   of pilot. In educational institutes, simulations also have advantage as compare to the laboratory work.

They are used to do more complicated and hazardous experiment, obtain result more quickly, and to clear the concepts without doing laboratory experiments. 

The benefits of computer simulation are as follows:

  • It can be used to train a large number of people easily.
  • The same simulation can be used on multiple computers.
  • It is cost effective

6- Use of Computer in Entertainment:

The advancement of computer science has also helped entertainment industry. Nowadays computer can used to watch television shows to broadcast on internet, watch movies, listen to music and play games. Computer also used to create animations and special effects for televisions shows, commercials, movies and cartoons. These allow them to add graphics and colorful display in their shows.

Computer game also used for the entertainment for children and kids. The computer games are getting better and better each day. Today, very interesting and creative games are available in market.

Computer also used in music industry. It used to create high quality music and sounds. Computerized electronic synthesizers are uses to store, modify and access different types of sound. The musicians use software to create compositions easily.

7- Application of Computer in Publishing:

Today, computers widely used in the field of publishing .Writers work on word processing programs such as Microsoft word and  send their manuscript files to the publisher on disk. To save time, they can even transmit them via email.

Similarly, Ms. Excel is a powerful software for creating accounting sheets such s payroll sheets, result sheets, income and expenditure statement etc.

8- Application of Computer in the Libraries:

Computers used in libraries to maintain and track record of books and library members. Any information regarding the books, its author or date of issue can searched from the computer in seconds. They can also issue warning when the books issued to the library members are over-due and must retuned immediately.

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